Asking the Lord: The Importance of Listening in Prayer

On Monday, we went to the
nursing home. We did a skit for the residents there. The skit was about
the peer pressures and temptations that we go through growing up. The
residents really enjoyed it.
We then went around the nursing home and
visited with random people.I had a nice conversation for about 45
minutes with a man named Billie Joe. He told me about his life.
that day we did ATL’s (“Ask the Lord”) and we all sat seperately with our Bibles and asked God to tell us where to go. I got a picture of an African-american toddler with a ponytail in her hair and a little dress
on and she was holding someone’s hand.
Later on we went to the
fellowship hall and we helped get meals ready to hand out for the
homeless for dinner. There were many people who showed up, so that was a
little sad but i was glad to be helping them. On the way back from
helping the homeless we were on our way to get dinner, and we passed a
bus station.
I wasn’t really paying attention, but one of the other kids
on our mission trip was. She told me to look and i looked out the window
and in the bus station parking lot, there was a little African-American
toddler girl in a dress and she was holding her mom’s hand and she was
with her dad and her other siblings.
We decided to be pretty bold and we
stopped the van and a few of us walked down the street to them and we
asked if there was anything that we could pray for them about. They said
no, but it was still cool to see God work that way.