Nashville Mission Trip: Unbelievably Good (So Far)

The groups arrived safe and sound on Sunday! This group is phenomenal and have had such great attitudes. Yesterday morning we had a listening prayer teaching as well orientation. In the afternoon we ministered in a park. A crowd was drawn in by a table of evangelism magic. Almost 70-80 people! Near the end of the afternoon we witnessed several salvation decisions! The teams let everyone know they were giving out free bracelets too! They made 100s right in front of the kids. As they made them they used the beads to explain the salvation story! Today we’re working at a warehouse...

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Praise and Worship on the Mission Field

On any AIM mission trip, worship is an essential element to keeping the group focused and re-energizing them after a long day of work and service.   One evening during our last mission trip in Nashville, the trip leaders turned the worship portion of the evening over to the group. Here is a clip of the college group leading one another in praise and worship:  

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