Learning Listening Prayer in Centennial Park

Here’s a blog from Steph Connors, the trip photographer and cook, about the first day of ministry we had together:
This week I’m in Nashville, TN out in the
mission field. We are working with a group of college students from
James Madison University who, instead of soaking up
rays in a tropical paradise on their spring break, have chosen to
challenge themselves on a inner city mission trip serving the homeless. 
They too are looking for a break in routine and an opportunity to step
outside of their comfort zones.
And they’re finding it.
As we, the leaders, prayed and prepared for this trip, we received
words that were to serve as themes for each day.  Monday’s word was Release. 
When we initially talked to the students, many were holding on
to control, fear, anxiety and anxiousness.  None had ever really done
any kind of homeless ministry, and quite frankly, the homeless scared
many of them. 
So we encouraged them to release all of the control, the
fear, the uncertainty;  we encouraged them to release their expectations
for the trip, and their stereotypes of the homeless; and we encouraged
them to release the ways they think God moves
They learned about listening prayer and put it into
practice as they walked around Centennial Park. 
Most were uncomfortable
walking up to a stranger to say “I feel like God wants to say to
But they gave it a chance and met some great people along the
way who just needed a little encouragement in their day. 
importantly, though, they themselves were encouraged as they gained
confidence and realized it may sometimes be awkward and uncomfortable,
but it’s all a part of loving and building people up, and in the end, loving
His people
is all God wants us to do.