Photo Blog: Nashville Rescue Mission

One of the main ministries we worked with in Nashville

was with a local homeless shelter called Nashville Rescue Mission

They provide lodging, food and clothing for those who are facing hard times as well as recovery programs for self-destructive behavior. 
We spent our time organizing the donations in the warehouse which was a big job, but really helps them serve more effectively.

The team from James Madison University in front of Nashville Rescue Mission

 Nashville Rescue Mission receives hundreds of donations every week.  They receive so many on a regular basis that they send surplus shipments on to other ministries and relief efforts like in Haiti.
Organizing toiletry and hygiene items into their respective boxes.
 Amy stretches to put away a pair of pants as she

organizes the clothing donations.
         Sara Willard arranges the shirts by their sizes.                            The clothing storage room waits for some attention.


                  Everyone works fervently to organize                                             Amy works behind a
sea of travel-size
                                 all the donations.                                                                                    toiletries.


A sample of a typical meal served by The Mission:  coleslaw, crackers, banana, bag of pork rinds, and pasta with vegetables, rounded off with doughnut holes for dessert.

The group listens to Thomas, the warehouse manager, tell his personal experience with Nashville Rescue Mission.  He went from a comfortable life with a loving family to one of shame and addiction on the streets.  He went through The Mission’s recovery program and has now worked as the warehouse manager for five years.