Photo Blog: People Loving Nashville

A little over a year ago, Ryan Lampa started getting together with a few
of his friends on Monday nights to make dinner for about ten homeless
people. Today, the core of friends has grown to about 30 people, and
the number of homeless fed has grown anywhere from 80 to 150. They call themselves People Loving Nashville.
don’t do it for recognition, they don’t do it because it makes them feel
good, they do it because there are people on the streets who need love, a friend, and a good meal.
Ryan and his friends gather together before they distribute food to pray and bless the night.
The hungry and needy line up outside the Tennessee capital building waiting for food to be distributed.
The meal tonight was beans and brisket with coleslaw and sweet tea.  In addition to food distribution, there is also a clothing table for anyone to grab some new clothes.
Volunteers spend the night getting to know those who come.  There are many strong friendships that have been built over the past year with the regulars.  (Left) Jonathon introduces himself and offers a cookie to a newcomer. (Right) Courtney chats with some old friends about their life.
 Many of the homeless receive more than just a meal or clothes when they come.  Here, Dwayne is receiving some prayer and encouragement to believe in God’s power.