When the Thrill of a Mission Trip Goes Away…

It’s been nearly three weeks since our group left Nashville.
The high has surely worn away, and reality has settled into it’s
normal spot in our lives. But what lives is something that none of us
expected to receive.

I, for one, walked into the church that
first Sunday evening completely naive to idea of “mission work”. I
assumed we’d feed a few homeless people, pick up some trash on the
street, maybe pray a little bit and then be on our way. But what
followed our arrival would certainly leave a huge impact on my life.
Through ATL (Ask The Lord) Walks, countless hours organizing shelves,
and even Line Dancing, I found myself growing closer and closer to

I remember praying one morning and feeling this
incredibly, warm feeling come across me. I listened to the sound of
music playing as we worshiped, and knew that what we were doing was of
God. The situations He put us in challenged us and required us to turn
to Him when we felt overwhelmed. No matter how discouraged we may have
gotten, the mood never changed.

Nineteen of us traveled to
Nashville that week. A group of unsuspecting young adults who would
serve as jars of clay for God’s treasure and love to flow from. Looking
back on my week and how it has affected the weeks that have followed, I
am fully aware of the Lord’s impact on my way of life. It’s because of
what HE did in Nashville that I can live differently.

I pray that I continue to be bold and pursue Him with urgency.