Life-Changing Conversations in Nashville

One of the trip participants shares how their mission trip to Nashville
impacted them:
This week was incredible. God opened up my heart to a
new city and new people.
Today, I met Allen, and my heart broke for him. He had
been homeless for three hours before our group approached him.  We
walked up to him, and he was very kind.
The conversation was very natural. We talked to him
about God’s love and we told him about our friend Thomas at the
I don’t know whether he will end up at the Mission,
but I pray that God will protect him and watch over him.
The best part about this week is that it opened my
heart and mind to conversations I would have never had even considered
before this week.  I believe with my heart that I am walking away
knowing how it truly feels like to love like God loves for the first
I am forever changed.

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